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About Us


NIRAAMYA NATURALS – Nurture By Himalayas, is a brand that aims to provide authentic high quality sustainable alternative lifestyle solutions, for your everyday needs, from the Himalayas. We at Niraamaya, firmly believe in catering the best natural products to the esteemed customers and especially to people who are a little extra conscious about their health. We offer a wide range of natural, herbal, and earth-friendly products. From our family at NIRAAMYA to yours, we firmly believe in the saying – “Let nature protect your Health; Let Nature heal you.”
Our vision at NIRAAMYA is to remain fully committed to providing a good quality of life to our esteemed customers with our natural products procured from the Himalayas. What sets Niraamya apart from the other similar companies is the fact, that right from procurement to reaching your family table, the goodness, the richness of the nutrients, is kept intact – the packaging is done in such a way!
Post the pandemic, there is a heightened sense of awareness as far as food is concerned. That is, everyone is very conscious about the origin of their food items. The preferences have shifted from the consumption of fancy items to authentic natural products which will not only add to the immunity of the body but also help to cope up with the nutrient deficiency.
At Niraamya we believe that everybody is unique and has a different requirement. That is why Niraamya brings to you a range of products that are not altered chemically to suit your needs. We offer natural products which you can choose as per your needs and make them a part of your daily diet.
Sitting in your homes, in the urban areas, it is not possible to find out the authenticity of the products you are consuming. Also, for the people staying in the cities, with their hectic lifestyle they can’t devote a lot of time in selecting what is right! Hence, we make this choice of selection easier by offering the products which are directly handpicked by the local farmers and packaged by us to preserve their best when served at your table.
We wish for you to fall in love with what you eat! We want you to get the best of nutrients as a part of your daily diet.
We take pride in our strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best quality products reach your family and friends. A simple touch of Nature is sufficient to ensure the quality and durability of our products.


“To promote healthy living by rediscovering the naturally grown traditional foods of Himalayan region and thereby enhancing the income of our farming community by bringing opportunities to their door step.”


A casual chat during a coffee break among a group of colleagues that veered towards healthy living and the impact our food intake has on that was a definitive moment when the idea of Niraamya was born. Add to this the fact that most members of the group had their origin in the hill states of either Himachal Pradesh or Uttrakhand gave further shape to this idea. Since all of them had lived in cities for years but still hadn’t forgotten what the mighty Himalayas have to offer in terms of pure natural foods made them believe that they could work towards making these healthy options available to people who had always lived in cities. Thus the journey began! Niraamya Naturals is led by Sameer Mahajan who truly believes that the journey to good health starts with being aware of what we eat and thereby making conscious choices. With this in mind, the team at Niraamya Naturals works tirelessly to bring the best to your family table.

It is believed that the things that grow in the Himalayas are of the purest form because they are natural, not grown from a commercial point of view, rather just growing naturally in the wild which are later handpicked by the local farmers. Some of these herbs, teas, pulses, dried fruits, natural oils, spices have magical healing power. Some of these, especially the herbs are very rare and needless to mention that they have been known only to the localities in this region. Most people outside are not even aware of most of these. Hence Niraamya with its range of products wishes to deliver all the goodness of the Himalayan ranges across regions and yet making them affordable.

Niraamya food and grocery items…

Niraamya food and grocery items are not to be confused with organic ones though! Organic food and food items are good, but then who will assure the efficacy and authenticity? Yes, there are certifications for the same, and they are grown in chemical-free pesticides and fertilizers, but how much of the nutrients are intact by the time they are consumed? Niraamya goes a step beyond and promises a quality higher than the organic products as it simply collects what Nature has to offer without disturbing or changing even a tiny little bit!  

Niraamya products are 100% vegan and natural. We have evolved with our uttermost faith in the power-packed Himalayan elements, which nurture health naturally and safely. The team at Niraamya strives day in and day out to procure and bring you the best that the Himalayas has to offer. We believe in delivering the best that nature has to offer to our customers. with our 100% organic, ethically, and sustainably sourced food. Niraamya wants to Spread goodness, especially to the cities so that people can enjoy the benefits of the Himalayan products.


Niraamya brings you the promise of good health by giving you the best natural products procured from the Himalayan region – keeping their goodness intact! We wish to keep you Niraamya – free from sickness with natural Himalayan products.
The team at Niraamya firmly believes in nurturing, nourishing, and healing any kind of sickness from the roots with nutritious items – different varieties of nuts, dry fruits, pulses, etc. that grow on the soils of the Himalayas. The food items and ingredients are power-packed with proteins, vitamins (calcium, potassium, iron, etc.), fiber,
The superiority in terms of quality of these items goes beyond their organic counterparts, since these are not cultivated as commercial crops, but are rather simply collected from the natural forests of the Himalayas.
With the growing trend of urbanization, Niraamya promises to nurture your loved ones with a range of edible products and grocery ingredients. Add these to your food items, or directly consume them as part of your staple diet, each and every item is rich in nutrients. the best part about the range of products at Niraamya is that it helps to spread the good quality of the items from the local towns to the city people.


Niraamya wants to make a mark for the Himalayan products in the cities, at a price that is affordable for every normal middle-class household. The product range at Niraamya wants to be a part of the grocery list of every household, especially in the cities. The city people are usually deprived of the goodness of natural products, as they buy synthetic products or buy organic products whose authenticity is quite questionable. Plus, budget is always a constraint – everyone wants a worth of products for the money spent on buying them. And, most importantly, everyone wants products that are effective in healing the body. Most of the products at Niraamya are partially or completely Himalayan. Hence, the point is, if you want to go for a holistic and natural cleansing, then why not start with what you eat? The range of products at Niraamya is 100% Vegan and natural with no side effects, which when consumed daily will not only nurture your body but relieve you of mental stress as well. Therefore, we want to give you a healthy physique and mental peace!



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    Natural and herbal products have made a name for themselves in modern lifestyle. Adding health to your life naturally; Niraamya uses a holistic approach to enhance and adorn your health with herbal!.
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